What is It Like Being a Truck Driver

Even though I am not a truck driver I have some family members that are so I think their perspective will give you a good idea what its like to be a truck driver.

It can be fun because I rode with my uncle sometimes in his rig delivering loads. Whats not to love? You get to travel around a lot and see cool places and things, and visit places you have never been. It can be hard sometimes for the family, because sometimes you always have to work and you never really got to stay at home to long. Which can upset your family sometimes because you may not be able to do a lot of things with you for example maybe your child wants you there for career day or come in for dad/mom day at school but you can’t because you have to go deliver loads,.


  • Paid To Travel
  • Get Away
  • Time To Reflect
  • Freedom
  • Earn and Learn


  • You don’t make as much money as most people think as a new driver
  • Huge Impact On The Family is Potentially Negative
  • Its Hard To Plan Ahead for Important Dates
  • You will be away from family for extended periods of time
  • Can’t depend on being able get home during emergencies
  • It’s harder to maintain a good diet while on the road
  • The Cost of Driving Over The Road Can Be Expensive
  • Wear and tear on the body
  • Can Be Very Stressful
  • You Can Become Depressed
  • You May Experience Loneliness
  • Easy To Develop Bad Habits

I can’t stress this enough Don’t get discouraged because of what you see on the lists, rather think through it through and apply it to your scenario. 

If you want to be a truck driver then by all means be a truck driver It’s a cool job that’s not a desk job! Think of this, thanks to truck drivers, the little old lady who depends on her neighborhood pharmacy having her heart medicine on the shelf when she needs to refill her prescription will live longer and more comfortably. Could be one of her grandsons will be the doctor your daughter marries. Or maybe she’s the lady your niece takes piano lessons from, and someday you’ll be sitting at a concert listening to her outstanding performance as your sister beams with pride. Truck drivers keep groceries on the shelves all across the nation. Without them, that young baseball player wouldn’t sit down to a home-cooked meal when he or she gets finished with practice. Or maybe the kid is a great swimmer – and America loses a gold medal at some future Olympics because the needed stamina and muscle mass was lacking due to poor nutrition. They keep stomachs filled and probably nourish a kid’s dreams as well.

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Written and credit: Cory Kretzmer

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